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Board ChairmainNIHS is governed by a dedicated group of volunteers. Our Board welcomes representation from all areas of discipline and profession, including members from all faiths. At the same time, they respect our commitment to the FPCT values represented in our Mission. The Board oversees the operations and facilitates the realization of the objectives of the NIHS. The board among other responsibilities, sets the vision and goals, adopts and oversees the annual budget. The board also adopts policies that give the administration direction to set priorities and achieve its goals. The chairperson of the Board is Rev. Dr. Jackson Kaluzi.


Rev. Dr. Jackson Kaluzi Rev. Dr. Kaluzi has experience in Organization Development and Leadership Transformation including setting vision and mission statements of organizations for more than 10 years. He also has experience in curriculum development based on Competence Based Training. Prior to his time at NIHS as Board Chair, Rev. Dr. Kaluzi spent many years in a variety of roles in FPCT. After retiring as General Secretary of FPCT which is the highest executive leadership position in the entire organization, he taught at Habari Maalum College Tanzania. He also spearheaded the establishment of an International Leadership Training Program at same college. The program attracted and enrolled students from various countries notably Kenya, Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Uganda, Malawi, Zambia, Kenya.

His education and training have been at the Bakke Graduate University USA (Doctor of Transformational Leadership), Africa Leadership Management Academy Zimbabwe (Master Degree in Leadership and Management) and RTC UK (Bachelor Degree). Rev. Dr. Kaluzi’s creative, inclusive approach to solving complex problems in a variety of settings makes him exceptional and resourceful to NIHS’ overall development.